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Next to be revealed to be there was interpreter Anatoli Samochornov (right)Then Akhmetshin, a former Soviet military intelligence officer, piled on the pressure with a bombshell claim that Veselnitskaya had brought a plastic folder full of printed documents which contained claims of the Democratic National Committee receiving dirty Russian money.

Gets around: A few days after the meeting in Trump Tower Natalia Veselntiskaya headed to Washington, where she sat in on a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting, almost directly behind former Obama Moscow ambassador Michael Mc Faul - who stated publicly this week that he does not know her During the meeting, Akhmetshin said Veselnitskaya brought along a plastic folder with printed out documents that detailed illicit funds flowing to the Democratic National Committee.Don Jr was uncharacteristically silent on twitter as disclosure followed disclosure.In contrast his brother-in-law Jared Kushner was grinning and relaxed as he and his wife Ivanka mingled with media moguls at Sun Valley in Idaho.Akhmetshin, who was in Moscow this week, spoke to Daily on Monday.He claimed then that he did not attend the meeting and was unaware of it.'I cannot talk about this stuff because I really have no f***ing connection to this stuff,' said Akhmetshin.

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